Long-term Thinking - Efficient Action

Working efficiently and demonstrating responsibility - these virtues are important to us as a family-run business.
efficiency+ is our symbol for these long-standing company virtues and represents the way we see ourselves: highly efficient and actively responsible in terms of market, our employees and the environment.

Certified Energy Management

Certified energy management at TRUMPF

Since 2015 TRUMPF operates a group-wide energy management system according to ISO 50001. With the help of this instrument we control and reduce energy use, our most relevant environmental impact, on the long term. We aim to implement the management system at all manufacturing sites.

The components of efficiency+

efficiency+ is our distinct symbol that the many components we make are the result of sustained and conscious action. An obvious plus for our customers.

Exactly how resource-efficient individual solutions are is defined by the ratio of energy received and resources consumed to the actual output, in other words: productivity. Resource efficiency is not limited to energy consumption. Overall consideration of factors such as power, gas, supplies and equipment, material, water and floor space requirements are important to us.

Resource Efficiency