Superior bending

High axis speeds and acceleration rates combined with innovative operating aids lead to unparalleled productivity with the new TruBend Series 5000. These highly productive, universal machines from TRUMPF come equipped with a new On-Demand Servo Drive with 4-cylinder drive technology. The Servo Drive is highly dynamic, extremely quiet in operation, and delivers significantly more productivity compared to a conventional drive. It is also eco-friendly as it consumes energy only during the bending process.

Measuring systems for precise angles

Since precise angles are the most crucial part of bending quality, TRUMPF offers an assortment of smart features for maximum precision. The TruBend Series 5000 features two innovative angle measuring systems. Automatically Controlled Bending (ACB) takes measurements through sensors integrated into the upper tool, while the new ACB Laser system measures the bending angle through a contactless optical process, and is therefore compatible with any tooling. These measuring systems complement one another perfectly. When bending short sides, reflective surfaces, or when multi-point measurement is required, the established ACB is the obvious solution. The ACB Laser system is especially useful when processing acute and open angles, as well as thick sheet metal. This system projects a laser line onto the sheet and measures the angle with a camera for maximum precision.

Machine control

The entire bending process is facilitated by the new Touchpoint TruBend control concept. This intuitive interface features exceptionally realistic 3D visualization and a multi-touch screen which responds to the operators touch even when work gloves are worn. Collision monitoring is also available with the new 3D visualization system. The new MobileControl Pro can be positioned conveniently along the press beam so the operator can complete the bending process without having to revisit the control. A 3.2‑inch color display enables them to input all the directions they might need for the bending process while standing directly at the machine, including instructions to switch to the next/previous bending step or to correct the angle and axis positions.

Ergonomic assists for high-quality parts

The press brake operator influences the overall quality and productivity of the process and TRUMPF developed the new version of its most successful bending machine with this in mind. Support consoles capable of handing loads up to 440 lbs are available with a choice of plastic, brush or roller supports. For particularly heavy and large parts, a bending aid is also available, and provides assistance when bending angles up to 30 degrees. When faced with differing tool heights or Z bends, an additional CNC axis automatically sets the bending support to the correct height. The entire working area is well-lit by LED lighting at the front and in the interior of the machine. The machine’s tool indicator also features LED lights which reduce setup times by precisely displaying where the bending tools are needed. During bending, this optical positioning aid continues to assist the operator by indicating where the next bending operation is required. To position the workpiece securely, the machine is equipped with an optimized 2-, 4-, 5- or 6-axis backgauge.