TRUMPF "boosts your business" at FABTECH Canada

FARMINGTON, Conn., March 3, 2016 - In booth 1105 at FABTECH Canada, TRUMPF will demonstrate an array of innovative fabricating machinery, automation solutions and supporting technologies designed to help “boost your business”. The show takes place March 22-24, 2016 at the Toronto Congress Centre.


TruLaser: laser processing

With the revolutionary BrightLine fiber technology and an 8kW TruDisk laser, the TruLaser 5030 fiber is the most productive and universal laser cutting solution in the industry. It is capable of processing up to 1 inch mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum with impressive speed and quality. The Smart Collision Prevention and the Drop&Cut options provide increased efficiency and reliability. With Drop&Cut, operators see a live image of the machine’s interior and can easily drag a new programmed contour to any desired location to easily utilize material remnants.


TruPunch: productive punching

TRUMPF will also feature the TruPunch 2000 with SheetMaster Compact at FABTECH Canada. Featuring an innovative on-demand drive technology, the hydraulic system found on this machine only runs when the punch head is active, minimizing the energy consumption of the machine and the load on the system. In addition to being highly efficient, the machine processes material up to 0.250 inch and features a full range of functions including the ability to tap holes and to produce small bends, up to inch in height. The SheetMaster Compact is an entry-level solution for automating the TruPunch 2000. It features a small footprint and high process reliability for enhanced punching productivity.

TruBend: precision bending

The TruBend 3100 precision press brake offers accuracy and flexibility with a minimal investment, for economical entry into precision bending. The easy-to-use, next generation control with multi-touch interface facilitates quick and straightforward part programming. The TruBend 7036 electric press brake will also be featured. As the most ergonomic bending solution on the market, fabricators love this compact machine for efficient bending of small parts up to 40 inches.


TruMark: fast, flexible and permanent part marking

TRUMPF will highlight the TruMark 5010, a fiber marking laser with a highly compact design at FABTECH Canada. This marking laser operates in the infrared range (1,062 nm), and can process a wide variety of materials including metals, plastic and organic materials. The fiber laser, scanner, control unit and internal focal position control are packaged in a single housing. This space saving and air cooled design make the TruMark 5010 extremely compact and easy to integrate.


TruTool: portable power tools

TRUMPF’s portable power tools for sheet metal processing will be on display in booth 1105 at FABTECH Canada. The innovative TruTool family of power tools, for cutting, fastening, beveling and deburring sheet metal, is available with a range of capabilities and options to match your fabrication needs. Easy to guide and operate, each TruTool product line was designed with productivity, safety, and operator comfort in mind. Unlike any other tool on the market, the TruTool TSC 100 slat cleaner removes slag build-up on any laser cutting machine’s support slats without interrupting production. It is a simple and cost effective alternative to manual slag removal or complete slat replacement.