Laser Marking

Electric toothbrushes and bath scrubbers, mobile telephone keypads and brand-name cookware, speedometers, switches and gear shifts in automobiles, MP3 players, mini-plugs, solar cells, silicon chips and sheet metal - the list of laser-marked parts could easily go on. It's obvious: Marking is one of the most versatile laser processes. It is no longer possible to imagine the production of consumer and industrial goods without laser marking.


Laser marking is a catch-all term for several processes: engraving, ablation, tempering, coloring and foaming. The correct method depends on the material and the quality requirements.

  Engraving and Ablation Annealing Color Change and Foaming
Materials All materials; most notably
  • metals
  • plastics
  • paints
  • ceramic materials
  • laser-marking film
  • ferrous metals
  • titanium
  • plastics