TruBend Cell 7000

The innovative high-speed bending cell

When it comes to the automated bending of small parts, the TruBend Cell 7000 is the fastest system in the world. The cell’s extremely high productivity in bending means that you can manufacture at an extremely low cost per part.

  • Miminal cost per bend
  • Easy setup
  • Optimized material flow
  • Convenient offline programming
  • Compact complete system


Repositionable tool clamp
  • Fast components and synchonized processes enable an output that is twice that of conventional bending cells
  • The LoadMaster Bend loads sheets to the bending stations while production is running at the press brake
  • Convenient offline programming reduces downtime. Programming is thus extra efficient
  • The repositionable tool clamp allows room for the gripper. The BendMaster needs to regrasp the part with much less frequency


ToolMaster Bend
  • ToolMaster Bend, the automated tool changer, makes order processing extremely flexible – also when working with small batches
  • Since the system pallets are equipped with a flexible arragement of drop-in compartments, the LoadMaster Bend can supply up to 24 different parts to the machine
  • Finished parts can be unloaded in boxes with different-sized sub-divisions or with the material-friendly conveyor belt
  • The 6-axis back gauge ensures maximum part flexibility

Process reliability

LoadMaster Bend
  • The integrated sensor of the LoadMaster Bend measures the sheet optically and transfers them in exact position to the BendMaster
  • Tool setup mistakes are eliminated thanks to the Tool Identification System TIS which automatically detects the correct tool type and its position
  • Double sheet detection and sheet separation guarantee safe production
  • Complete 3D-simulation prevents collisions at an early stage already


  • Optimized material flow on 21 m² - TruBend Cell 7000 makes ideal usage from ist footprint
  • Advanced drive technologies guarantee a low energy consumption
  • Innovative flow manufacturing economizes resources when assembling TruBend Cell bending cells
TruBend Cell 7000 with BendMaster (15)
Max. sheet thickness8 mm
Max. format for components500 mm x 380 mm
Max. weight of plate3 kg
Max. ultimate load15 kg
Press force360 kN
Max. working speed50 mm/s
Space requirements5500 mm x 3870 mm
Subject to alterations. The specifications in our offer and our sales order confirmation are authoritative.

TruBend 7036 Cell Edition

The TruBend 7036 Cell Edition has a press force of 36 tons. Ram acceleration is achieved by means of an electrical torque motor that enables a working speed of up to 50 mm/s.

Traveling back gauges in lightweight construction and intelligent sesors provide a extremely fast positioning of parts. And the innovative ram, which can be split into 2 x 510 mm sections, provides clearance for the gripper. The gripper can therefore reach into the machine on the left and right side of the clamp and even position parts from the rear. This reduces the need for frequent and time-consuming regrasping.

TruBend Cell 7000

TruBend Cell 7000