TruMatic 1000 fiber

Economical compact machine

The TruMatic 1000 fiber offers an especially cost-effective combination of the advantages of punch and laser processing: it flexibly cuts contours with the laser, punches, forms and taps threads – with clever automation in confined spaces.

Benefit from the following advantages:

  • Space-saving machine design
  • Clever unloading solutions
  • Compact automation

Innovative drive

  • The patented Delta Drive makes it unnecessary to move the sheet and support table along the Y axis. For the first time, it allows the punching head to "fly" over the sheet, i.e. to and fro – at high speed.
  • The design of the Delta Drive enables the TruMatic 1000 fiber to have lower space requirements than comparable machines in the market even though it is automated.
  • The Delta Drive decouples punch and die and, in this way, enables new punching applications, such as the removal of very small, laser-cut parts.

Flexible punch laser processing

  • The TruDisk 3001 solid-state laser allows the TruMatic 1000 fiber to flexibly cut any contour of your choice.
  • Besides pure punching, it can also form threads, apply extrusions and bend flanges.
  • The machine allows to produce a large part spectrum completely on one machine.

Clever unloading options

  • A large part removal flap makes it possible to unload larger parts of up to 400 x 600 mm. You can use the part removal flap to eject parts safely into containers or onto euro pallets or conveyor belts.
  • Parts with a size of up to 180 x 180 mm are automatically sorted by the machine. Finished parts enter an intermediate buffer via a chute. They fall from there into up to four different boxes.

Compact automation

  • You can use the SheetMaster Compact to load sheets and blanks up to a medium format size and unload microjoint and scrap skeleton sheets. This is largely done parallel to production thanks to its optimized loading and unloading cycles.

Simple operation

  • With the beam guard in a space-neutral position, optimum safety is ensured and, at the same time, good access to the machine.
  • The containers for finished parts and scrap are very easily accessible.
  • The operating logic and menu navigation are based on the requirements of the operator.
  • Operation takes place intuitively on a touch screen on the operating panel.
  • Mobile operation of the machine using the MobileControl app.
  • EasyUse allows you to easily set up tools.
TruMatic 1000 fiber
Working area  
  • Punching operation
2500 mm x 1250 mm
  • Laser operation
2500 mm x 1250 mm
  • Combined punch/laser operation
2035 mm x 1250 mm
Max. sheet thickness6,4 mm
Laser power3000 W
Max. punching force165 kN
Max. stroke rate  
  • Punching (E = 1 mm)
600 1/min
  • Marking
ca. 1000 1/min
Subject to alterations. The specifications in our offer and our sales order confirmation are authoritative.

TruMatic 1000 fiber

TruMatic 1000 fiber