Spare part returns

Xchange sticker on the cardboard box
Xchange sticker on the cardboard box

Unneeded parts and incorrectly ordered consumables can be returned to TRUMPF for a credit. Please contact TRUMPF for a return authorization and include this return authorization in your return shipment.

For warranty returns, simply fill out the return paperwork included in the shipment and use the pre-paid UPS shipping label to return unneeded parts.

For more information about our standard terms and conditions please click here

Xchange Program

70-50-30 System

High value spare parts are eligible for core credits up to 4 years after purchase through our Xchange program

Qualifying parts will display the "Xchange sticker" and a reference to the Xchange program in our sales order confirmation and return delivery note. 

Period after purchase1st Year2nd Year3rd Year4th Year
Xchange100% Credit75 % Credit50 % Credit25 % Credit

Spare Parts Xchange program Terms and Conditions

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Spare part returns