TRUMPF opens technology and laser center in Silicon Valley

New technology and laser center in Santa Clara – focus on coating technology and laser processing – close proximity to key customers and partners in consumer electronics and e-mobility sectors


Ditzingen, December 8, 2016 – Laser system manufacturer TRUMPF has opened a new technology and laser center in Santa Clara, California. Its location in Silicon Valley puts the laboratory close to key customers and partners from a wide range of industries, in particular companies from the consumer electronics and e-mobility sectors. “Our new application laboratory for laser processing, micro applications and coating technology places us firmly at the heart of the U.S. technology industry and brings us close to our customers and partners in this region,” says Peter Leibinger, Vice-Chairman of the Managing Board of the TRUMPF Group and head of the Laser Technology/Electronics division. “This means we can examine each customer’s individual requirements and ideas on site. Add to that our many years of experience, and we can identify the optimum process and the right laser or generator for each application.” The decision to establish a new technology and laser center in Silicon Valley highlights the importance TRUMPF places on the high-tech California region.

The Santa Clara application laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge technology, including continuous wave (CW) lasers, short and ultra-short pulsed lasers, and the very latest beam sources and generators. It joins the other U.S. application laboratories TRUMPF has located in Detroit, Michigan, and Farmington, Connecticut, further boosting the company’s ability to offer specialized expertise to customers on a local level.

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